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Fastener Removal is Now Easier than Ever

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has not stopped Perfect Point from doing what they do best – create innovative solutions to your fastener removal needs.

Over the last few months, the Perfect Point staff has been designing and implementing new and exciting tools to get your job done faster and safer.

Single Shot Air Punch

The Single Shot Air Punch levels the playing field when driving out a fastener. Gone are the days of hammers and punches causing damage to personnel and aircraft skins. With the Single Shot Air Punch, everyone can effortlessly drive the shank of a fastener through its hole.


E-drill Locating Bombsights

Below are examples of how Perfect Point's various new bombsights are used to precisely center the vacuum tooling over flush fasteners. Each type of bombsight can be used in conjunction with any of our vacuum locating devices to quickly and accurately locate over most types of flush head fastener installed on flat and curved surfaces.

New Aperture Bombsight

The Aperture Bombsight Kit offers a clearer and more magnified image of a flush fastener head.  Using the Aperture Bombsight Kit ensures concentric E-drill locator placement and cut.

New Mechanical Locators

Removing the most difficult fasteners is a cinch with E-drill – now make it 100% accurate every time you want to remove a bling bolt (jo-bolt, composi-lok, etc.) style fastener.  Using the “cruciform feature” on the head of the fastener, the mechanical bombsight kit locks into the head, ensuring concentric alignment