Reduce Drilling Damage

Eliminate FOD, Reduce Damage, and Increase Productivity using E-Drill


Spot Remove Coatings

Removes coatings from fastener heads

Some of Our Customers

F-22 Inlet Nozzle skin removal


16 Aircraft with a complex removal - 0 Damage

KC-135 Steel Fastener Removal


390 fasteners removed with zero visible damage

Engine Applications


Hard fasteners in hot sections are removed easily with no damage


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Technology for the Aerospace IndustryFaster. Safer. Better.

Our unique, advanced tools improve fastener removal by reducing removal time, improving ergonomics, and reducing aircraft damage.


Significantly reduce the time it takes to remove your toughest fasteners in metals such as Titanium, Inconel and Monel.


Our ergonomic designs reduce operator fatigue and injuries and reduces the safety equipment requirements.


The unique Perfect Point processes and technology greatly reduce damage to aircraft during fastener removal.

E-Drill by Perfect Point

The Perfect Point E-Drill uses advanced technology to radically improve the ease and time needed to remove hard fasteners. Our ergonomic design uses no force, is quiet and generates no Foreign Object Debris. The tool dramatically reduces the time to remove fasteners by a factor of 2 to 10 and also reduces the opportunity for damage to aircraft.

S-Blaster Coating Removal System

The S-Blaster quickly removes coatings, sealants, fillers, and corrosion from all fastener types in a closed loop system with HEPA protection. Blast in the open without the hassles of shrouds and masks.

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About Us

Perfect Point has developed a unique technology specifically used to remove fasteners from aircraft. We improve accuracy of drilling, reduce the time it takes to remove fasteners and greatly improve the ergonomics of the process. Our S-Blaster is an environmentally safe spot paint remover that can be used outside of paint booths for specific repair work.

Our Products

Our core products are the E-Drill and the S-Blaster. We also provide a number of accessories that improve drilling accuracy and we provide custom engineering services and fastener removal services. Call us for your toughest jobs.


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