E-drill Steals the Spotlight at Aerospace Maintenance Competition

Perfect Point and Ntegrity Celebrate United Airlines as Winner at the 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

The E-drill Fastener Removal Event was a top hit according to most of the 449 Technicians competing in the 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. The event tested each competitor’s ability to remove 5 titanium Composi-Lok type fasteners from a refurbished composite Global 5000 Flap.

These  fasteners are constructed of titanium and steel alloy, making conventional drilling extremely difficult to control, which can often resulting in damage to the structure. This task could take an experienced technician 20 minutes or more to complete using a twist drill.  Technicians using E-Drill were able to complete the task much faster, with no damage to the fastener holes. United Airlines – Base Maintenance was the fastest team to complete this event, doing so in 2 minutes 49 seconds.

The E-drill’s exciting first year at the competition had the contestants talking and was flagged as one of the “Cool Events to See at the AMC” by Aviation Pros AMT Magazine.

Perfect Point’s innovative solutions are revolutionizing how structural maintenance is performed in the 21st Century.  These exciting tools are quickly becoming the industry standard by reducing MRO costs through increased productivity, damage avoidance, ergonomics, and lower consumables costs.

If you are interested in learning more about ways to:

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  • Reduce Material Cost
  • Eliminate FOD
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  • Reduce the Ergonomic Tax on your Workers



For Videos of the E-Drill In Action Check us out on YouTube

E-drill Competition Video

Pictures form the competition