Perfect Point EDM Corporation is introducing a patented de-fastening tool called the E-Drill to the Aircraft Structures and Airframe, and the Turbine Engine industries. We are focused on the aircraft industry but recognize that the E-Drill and S-Blaster products apply to many other industries. We are currently supporting several customers in the Energy Industry as well.

The technology used in the E-Drill is a very innovative adaption of Electro Discharge Machining, which has been in commercial use for over 60 years. The E-Drill can erode the fastener many times faster than conventional twist drills. Because the process is forceless the E-Drill does not require the tremendous force required for conventional drilling and subsequently significantly reduces or eliminates the probability of damage to the work piece and to the operator. The E-Drill is a closed loop process so that all cut debris is collected in the filter system vastly reducing the potential for FOD damage. All of these factors provide the opportunity to create innovative tooling that provides high levels of accuracy and ease of use.

Perfect Point provides support engineering solutions to its customers on a continuing basis. As the customer becomes familiar with the E-Drill and the S-Blaster they typically begin to migrate the use of the tools from the primary application to new applications. As they identify the migration path they will call Perfect Point to discuss the best approach and also to learn about any tooling we have developed for that specific application.

Some of these innovative tooling solutions are listed on our applications page. For more information on listed applications or new applications please call to speak to one of our Support Engineers at (714) 892-3400.

Perfect Point also maintains a Customer Service Hot Line, (714) 891-6533, that customers can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.