BHL Electrode Guide


Electrode Guides for use with the Button Head Locator (BHL) family of Adapters. (EDB0223 and EDB0253)


Electrode Guides for use with the Button Head Locator (BHL) family of Adapters. (EDB0223 and EDB0253). Vacuum Flush Head Locator (VFHL) guides can be found on the VFHL Electrode Guides Page.

See the table below for part numbers and sizing information:

Part Number Description
EDG0103-0 Electrode Guide 3/32″ Nominal, Green
EDG0103-PLUS Electrode Guide 3/32” Plus, White
EDG0104-0 Electrode Guide 1/8″ Nominal, Orange
EDG0104-PLUS Electrode Guide 1/8″ Plus, White
EDG0105-0 Electrode Guide 5/32″ Nominal, Blue
EDG0105-PLUS Electrode Guide 5/32″ Plus, Brown
EDG0105-X Electrode Guide 5/32″ 1st Oversize, White
EDG0106-0 Electrode Guide 3/16″ Nominal, Yellow
EDG0106-PLUS Electrode Guide 3/16″ Plus, Brown
EDG0106-X Electrode Guide 3/16″ 1st Oversize, White
EDG0106-Y Electrode Guide 3/16″ 2nd Oversize, Turquoise
EDG0108-0 Electrode Guide 1/4″ Nominal, Black
EDG0108-PLUS Electrode Guide 1/4″ Plus, Brown
EDG0108-X Electrode Guide 1/4″ 1st Oversize, White
EDG0108-Y Electrode Guide 1/4″ 2nd Oversize, Turquoise
EDG0110-0 Electrode Guide 5/16″ Nominal, Red
EDG0110-X Electrode Guide 5/16″ 1st Oversize, White

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 0.45 × 0.45 × 0.25 in

EDG0103-0, EDG0103-PLUS, EDG0104-0, EDG0104-PLUS, EDG0105-0, EDG0105-PLUS, EDG0105-X, EDG0106-0, EDG0106-PLUS, EDG0106-X, EDG0106-Y, EDG0108-0, EDG0108-PLUS, EDG0108-X, EDG0108-Y, EDG0110-0, EDG0110-X