E-drill Vacuum Locator Tools

The key to the E-drill Fastener Separation Technology(FST) process is LOCATION, it’s why our damage rate is less than 1%. A magnifying “bombsight” with circular rings, interchangeable apertures, or a mechanical locking mechanism is placed inside the vacuum locator tool to align to the center of the fastener.

Once the location is set, the locator tooling is held in place using vacuum. The hand tool is then inserted in the locator tool to make the cut. Locator tools are key to the “Perfect Cut” and when used correctly, completely eliminates accidental damage to the structure.

Vacuum Flush Head Locator(VFHL)
Concentric location on flat surfaces
Vacuum Flush Head Locator on a flat surface

Offset Vacuum Locator (OVL) Concentric location on curved surfaces
Offset Vacuum Locator locating over a flush fastener on a curved surface


E-drill Locating Bombsights

Below are examples of how Perfect Point's various bombsights are used to precisely center the vacuum tooling over flush fasteners. Each type of bombsight can be used in conjunction with any of our vacuum locating devices to quickly and accurately locate over most types of flush head fastener installed on flat and curved surfaces.

If you have specific fastener types or location requirements that you are interested in using the E-drill on to mitigate damage, please contact perfect point. We will work our hardest to provide you with the best tools for the job and can always create custom solutions for the toughest fastener removal problems.

New Aperture Bombsight

Utilizing a set of interchangeable aperture rings in various sizes, this new and improved bombsight provides better visibility for the technician to ensure concentric location over flush head fasteners. It Incorporates a 5X magnifying lens and 4 LED’s for improved precision and clarity. 

New Mechanical Locators

Perfect Point's new Mechanical Locators physically lock onto features on blind-bolt style fasteners such as Jo-Bolts, Composi-loks, Radia-loks, Visu-loks, etc. This physical lock ensures concentric location leading to the perfect cut every time.