E-drill Cost Comparison Evaluation

This page is for users to input data on real historical or upcoming projects to see what kinds of savings are possible when using the E-drill over traditional methods.The E-drill values have been calculated based off of historical data provided by Perfect Point customers, and will be used in these calculations. You can find these values and other assumptions made below.

The fields of this calculator have been pre-filled with historical project data from a Global 5000 Wing Flap Deskin job, but please input your data for a projection of possible savings on some of your real projects.

This calculator is just an example of what the E-drill can do for you. For an actual ROI study, please contact the Perfect Point Sales Team with more information on a project you are working on. We will be happy to provide you with information and historical findings that apply to you.

Assumptions Made for E-drill

E-Drill Removal Method-Per Worker
Electrode Description Copper Electrode (5/32-3/16")
Cost Per Electrode $36.00
Electrode Life (# of fasteners) 60
Shop Labor Rate Per Hour (Fully Burdened) $150.00
Fasteners Removed Per Hour (One Worker) 80
FOD Cleanup (# of Hours) 0.25