Learn how to properly use the E-Drill and S-Blaster and get the most out of your tools

Learn best practices to fix and maintain your E-drill and S-blaster to get the longest life possible

Quickly troubleshoot basic problems occuring with your E-Drill or S-Blaster


Training Videos

Training Video 1: Tool Overview
Using the E-Drill tool: programming fasteners, choosing correct hand tool and necessary accessories, etc.

Training Video 2: MSU
General guidelines of the capabilities and use of the Mobile Service Unit (MSU)

Training Video 3: CG Handtool
How and when to properly use the Center Ground(CG) Hand tool for fastener removal of stem sizes 5/32"-3/8"

Training Video 4: EG Hand Tool
How and when to properly use the External Ground(EG) Hand Tool for fastener removal of stem sizes 3/32"-1/4"

Section 5: Locators
Using the various locating tools to make a perfect cut and avoid damage to the structure

Section 6: Electrodes
Changing electrodes and overview of their various use cases to tackle unique fastener removal problems

Section 7: Tools
Overview of the various tools that compliment and assist in typical system operation of removing hard metal fasteners


Maintenance Videos

Maintenance: Filter Change
Detailed instructions on how and when to easily service the water filtration system

Maintenance: Sediment Tank Service
Best practices on how to properly check and maintain the sediment tank

Maintenance: Ground Pin and Lubricating
Ground pin replacement and lubricating parts to ensure a long life out of your E-Drill fastener removal system


Troubleshooting Videos

Troubleshooting: Testing the System
Best practices on testing the system to ensure the functionality and long life of your fastener removal system

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