E-DRILL 101 Global System Training Course Video



Welcome to Perfect Point's E-drill Academy for the Global System. Here we have videos that cover everything from the theory of operation to unboxing, using, and maintaining the E-drill system. This page is centered around the E-drill Global System, which is kitted for specific fasteners seen when working on the Global Flap Bulletin. Specifically MS21140-S and MBF2112-S style fasteners. If you have a different E-drill system layout, or are looking for other, more general training videos, visit the E-Drill Academy Page.

When you complete these training videos, you should be able to use and maintain your E-drill global system, and troubleshoot some basic issues commonly faced in the field. To watch the full playlist, view the main video, otherwise scroll down to browse our collection of individual videos.

As always, refer to your user guide for detailed instructions:

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