The S-Blaster is the perfect tool for removing paint and residue from small areas.  The handheld tool clears off paint, debris and residue from all types of fasteners including phillips head screws.  This closed loop system has a HEPA filter and is completely self contained which significantly reduces the costs and risks associated with the removal of toxic coatings and paints.

The S-Blaster includes: S-Blaster Unit, 3 lbs. Plastic Blast Media, 2 Waste Bottles, 1 Pre-Filter, 1 Nozzle Wrench, 1 each 0.300″, 0.400″, and 0.500″ Locators.

Perfect Point also provides a consumables kit that includes 1.5 lbs. of Plastic Blast Media stored in a Waste Bottle and 1 Pre-Filter.  Perfect Point recommends you replace the Pre-Filter approximately every 1,000 cuts. This provides our customers with a convenient way to refill the media, replace the pre-filter, and manage the waste material.

S-Blaster Coating Removal System

Safe - Sealed - Spot - Strip

Perfect Point's patented S-Blaster technology removes coatings, sealants, fillers, and corrosion from fasteners utilizing plastic blast media. Particulates are vacuumed back into the system where media is recycled, waste is extracted and clean air is expelled through an onboard HEPA filter.

Type Closed-loop vacuum spot-blasting system
Application Surface coating removal from fastener heads
Debris Collection Resealable, disposable container
Height, width, depth 18” x 12” x 8”
Weight 15lbs
Hose length 4.5 ft
Capacity, media 0.25 gallons
Capacity, debris 0.12 gallons
Air consumption 3.0 CFM
Media type Plastic blast media (20/30 urea)
Media recovery Vacuum, cyclonic separation
User controls Timed blast and vacuum, or vacuum only
Blast duration Adjustable, 1 to 30 seconds
Filtration Disposable HEPA with 100 PPI prefilter
Noise level Less than 60db (estimated)

Simple to Use

The only requirement is 90 PSI of clean, dry, oil-free compressed air through a 1/4" air line.

Quick Removal

Quickly removes coatings, sealants, fillers, and corrosion from all fastener types.

Minimal Exposure

Exposure to debris is minimized by sealed disposal container and proprietary cartridge filtration system.

Threaded Fasteners

Material is removed from the head, clearing the torque recess, resulting in positive tool engagement for removal without damage to the fastener or surrounding area.

Permanent Fasteners

S-Blaster is the ideal fastener preparation solution prior to removal with the E-Drill which requires a clean, conductive fastener head.

Plastic Blast Media

Media is recycled and reused, lowering operational costs and improving the S-Blaster's environmental benefit. Automatically separates out damaged media and deposits into debris container for disposal.

Self-Contained Unit,

Requires no additional vacuum systems.


May be used as a free-standing or backpack system - lightweight (15lbs.)

Variable Timer

Allows user to dial in proper settings for a particular coating/fastener, ensuring a clean fastener in the shortest time possible.