• E-Drill Fastener Removal Solution

  • E-drill Hand-Tool

  • The Perfect Cut Fastener

  • S-Blaster Spot Coating Removal

E-drill Fastener Removal Technology

Perfect Point has developed a unique technology used to remove fasteners from aircraft. The E-drill’s EDM cut is precisely controlled to a specific depth, located accurately over the fastener, and cooled by a stream of high-pressure/highflow coolant. These features make the E-drill fastener removal process consistent, reliable, and repeatable, while its rugged simplicity enables users to train fast and reach proficiency in record time.

Technical Capabilities E-drill Value Proposition
  • Hard metal fastener removal in diameters 3/32” to 7/16”
  • Head side or collar side removal
  • Metal or composite skin
  • Airframe or Engine applications
  • Pilot drilling plate up to ¼” thick
  • Broken drill or extractor
  • Key-Locked Insert Removal
  • Captive nuts (Davis-Nut, Riv-Nut)
  • Square Drive Rescue Kit for broken bolt or stud removal
  • Closed Loop FOD Removal during cutting
  • Closed Loop Top-Coat Paint Removal
  • Reduce AOG Time
  • Reduce Labor Time
  • Reduce Damage Rate
  • Reduce Material Costs
  • Reduce Training Time Proficiency
  • Eliminates FOD
  • Eliminates Injuries
  • Eliminates Exposure to Hazardous Waste
  • Eliminates Noise Exposure

S-Blaster Spot Coating Removal

The S-Blaster is the perfect tool for removing paint and residue from small areas.  The handheld tool clears off paint, debris and residue from all types of fasteners including phillips head screws.  This closed loop system has a HEPA filter and is completely self contained which significantly reduces the costs and risks associated with the removal of toxic coatings and paints.

  • Simple to Use - The only requirement is 90 PSI of clean, dry, oil-free compressed air through a 1/4" air line.
  • Quick Removal - Quickly removes coatings, sealants, fillers, and corrosion from all fastener types.
  • Minimal Exposure - Exposure to debris is minimized by sealed disposal container and proprietary cartridge filtration system.
  • Threaded Fasteners - Material is removed from the head, clearing the torque recess, resulting in positive tool engagement for removal without damage to the fastener or surrounding area.
  • Permanent Fasteners - S-Blaster is the ideal fastener preparation solution prior to removal with the E-Drill which requires a clean, conductive fastener head.

E-drill Locating Devices

The key to the E-drill Fastener Separation Technology(FST) process is LOCATION, it’s why our damage rate is less than 1%. A magnifying “bombsight” with circular rings, interchangeable apertures, or a mechanical locking mechanism is placed inside the vacuum locator tool to align to the center of the fastener.

Once the location is set, the locator tooling is held in place using vacuum. The hand tool is then inserted in the locator tool to make the cut. Locator tools are key to the “Perfect Cut” and when used correctly, completely eliminates accidental damage to the structure.

Single Shot Air Punch

The Single Shot Air Punch is designed to remove the flange heads from fasteners that have been cut using the E-drill. It is provided with a set of three adapters to fit 5/32”, 3/16” and 1/4” fastener sizes (other sizes available upon request). The nose adapter engages in the E-drill cut groove to prevent misalignment. The Air Punch uses a single strike the fastener pin and no other part of the structure to provide a better, faster, and safer removal.

SSAP reduces potential damage to the structure, and significantly reduces the chance of impact injury and repetitive motion injury to the operator.

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