E-Drill Base Level Universal System

Control System + 10 ft. CG & EG E-Drills + Base Tool Cart (EDT0405)

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Upgraded Replacement to CP1-SY-131 System with Base Level Loaded Tool Cart

E-Drill Base Level Universal System Includes:
(1) Mobile Service Unit (MSU)
(2) E-Drill Hand Tools (CG and EG) with improved 10ft. cables
(1) Mounted Touch-Screen Display with Cable Storage Bracket and Customized Fastener Part Number Library
(1) E-Drill Hand Tool Cradle & Cable Storage Bracket (P/N: EDT0401)
(1) E-Drill Portable Hand-Tool Stand (P/N: EDT0106)
(1) Base Level Rolling Tool Cart-Configured to House all E-Drill System Tools, Accessories, and Consumables in a Custom-Cut  Foam Layout based on Aerospace Tool Control Standards
(1) Empty Professional Series Rolling Tool Cart (EDT0405)
(6) Drawers with Custom-Cut Foam for all E-Drill System Parts and Accessories
(1) LED Vacuum Flush Head Locator Kit (P/N: EDF1321)
(1) Offset Vacuum Locator Kit (P/N: EDF1322)
(8) Adapter & Guide Assemblies (Flush-Head, Button-Head and Vacuum Tooling)
(4) Blank Locators & Adapters
(2) Flush Head Locators and Aperture Seal Kits
(4) Standard Sized Punch-Buddy’s sized 5/32 – 1/4”
(6) Packs of Precision Electrode Cutters for sizes 1/8 – 1/4”
Standard Maintenance Tools and Consumables for E-Drill Systems
Startup, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting Instructions for the E-Drill System

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Weight 265 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 24 x 55 in


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